Sunday, 19 January 2014

(E-Navigation) What's Available in Trial Mode?

What is Seall Passage Planner?

Seall Passage Planner (SPP) is an accurate and effective tool that enables mariners to access relevant, up to date information in order to negotiate routes and reach destinations safely.
Seall has been developed as a means of planning for passage that uses simple function keys and an advanced graphical design layout to ensure an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

<Seall Passage Planner UI> 

What’s available in a trial mode?
In the trial mode, you will be able to use the primary tools to get an overview of the product. In order to view encrypted ENC such as AVCS or PRIMAR you will require a user permit and a licence for Seall Passage Planner. NOAA ENCs may be downloaded and used within Seall Passage Planner completely FREE of charge.
You can download SPP's trial for free of charge at

Using the full version
Once you download the trail version, there is no need to re-download the full version. You can immediately use the product once you have an issued license key.
To purchase a license key click.

Before you download Seall Passage Planner Trial
Internet Access
You need to have internet access to download Seall Passage Planner. Please check all the required system specification before downloading.

-Supported operation systems
  Windows 7/ Windows 8

-Minimum Computer Hardware requirements
 *CPU - 2GHz
 *RAM - 2GB
 *Hard disk space - 20GB

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