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(Seall Blog) What is AIO?


Things to know about Admiralty Information Overlay(AIO) 

The term ‘AIO’ is not yet familiar to many people. AIO is the abbreviation of Admiralty Information Overlay, and was developed and launched by UKHO (the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office). Although it has become a vital feature, many mariners are still unsure about it. The AIO is a digital dataset of T&Ps(Temporary & Preliminary) corrections which can be displayed on chart management and display systems such as ECDIS and passage planning software.

The Admiralty Information Overlay is a very important component as it provides crucial navigational information for a safe voyage; it contains all Admiralty Temporary & Preliminary Notices to Mariners (T&P NMs) and provides additional preliminary information that is specific to AVCS and ENCs. Now that the ECDIS Mandation is coming into force increasingly more and more vessels are relying on ECDIS for primary and back-up navigation since the majority of ECDIS cannot display AIO, vessels must continue to use Notice to Mariners to keep a record of T&P NMs.  

AIO on Seall Passage Planner

Seall Passage Planner contains built-in ‘AIO integration’. This feature allows users to display AIO layers on top of AVCS (Admiralty Vector Chart Service) which automates route validation against AIO detected intersections and AIO detecting proximity. When a notice is crossed by a route leg or a route passes within a configurable proximity limit of a notice, a danger highlight annotation and proximity warning will be presented accordingly in the plan. Users can also view or print paper base reports which list intersections and proximity alerts with the notice and affected AVCS cells.  

To be able to use the overlay, you are required to have a permit to it just like ENCs. The permit for the Overlay is free of charge and can be available from admiralty chart agents. Once it's installed, it will be loaded with the Chart Permit files. Updates to the Overlay are issued weekly on CD/DVD, along with the weekly AVCS Update CD/DVD, and on-line updating is also available over the internet through Seall Passage Planner.

To check the current status of T&P NMs in ENCs please follow the link below.
Table lists for available T&P NMs or For more information on AIO visit UKHOwebsite

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