Monday, 24 February 2014

(E-Navigation) Seall Passage Planner, New Features On The Way

Many mariners fully understand the importance of a solid passage plan. In fact, navigators spend hours and hours to make sure that they are fully equipped with all the requirements prior to the voyage.

The preparation phase such for passage planning therefore is crucial and essential for SAFE journey to your destination.
However, as many mariners are aware and agree, there are always unwelcoming events waiting at sea such as bad weather or the menace of piracy. This is where high IT technology comes into its own.

Seall Passage Planner, versatile software for passage planning has revealed its new development plan. The new features include Weather Overlays and Piracy Updates which are expected to be due by early next month.  

The weather overlay feature is designed to forecast and display the next five-day weather forecast and any related nautical information. The piracy updates will provide the recent reports & updates for a mariner and previous piracy history on specific areas.

The further detailed information regarding the features will be updated on later this month on Seall blog.

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