Wednesday, 26 March 2014

(Latest Update) What Is New?

It is always exciting to preview what is coming next. The innovative dynamic passage planner received lots of attention since its launch, and there have been a number of key updates to elevate Seall Passage Planner further.

With the latest updates, Seall Passage Planner now provides essential nautical information by integrating new features: Piracy overlay, Weather Overlay, Mobile Drilling Rigs updates, Navarea Warnings, and AIS(Automatic Identification System).

Seall Passage Planner marks AIO on ENC

These features are all designed with the aim of delivering ‘simplicity’ and ‘security’ for a safe voyage. As many of us are understandably aware, passage planning is a very complex task. Seall simplifies the complicated process by optimising the navigation requirements efficiently.
To secure safety at sea, up-to-date maritime warnings are crucial. Seall Passage Planner now provides critical data such as Navarea Warnings, and AIS. The navigator can access the latest warnings and vessel tracking data such as AIO, and T&P Notice to Mariners within the system, and create safe routes along with existing overlays on ENCs. Any hazards or dangerous areas can be marked and recorded clearly in Seall Passage Planner, and then they can be exported in a paper report or computer file with the passage plan. AIS integration enables the mariner to indicate vessels traffic in any areas within the coverage of the Hub’s traffic tracking service and help avoid areas of traffic congestion in advance.

Piracy warning reports are collated and updated every 24 hours by the ICC(the International Chamber of Commerce). In Seall Passage Planner, Piracy warnings will be marked around the route alerting the mariner that the areas have been attacked by armed pirates.

Piracy Warning Overlay

Navigators also need to take the weather forecast into account before planning a route. The weather overlay function allows a mariner to observe the weather information such as wind direction, atmospheric pressure, and bands of rain for the next five days and help to find the most efficient passage for a safe voyage.

Weather  Update Overlay

Lastly, Seall Passage Planner also provides an interesting feature called ‘Mobile drilling rig overlay’.  A navigator can mark down the position of the oil rig along the intended route or track to help avoid any unwanted crash or accident or events. 

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