Tuesday, 29 April 2014

(E-Navigation) Enhance mariner’s safety with Seall Passage Planner's risk assessment report

The smart e-navigation software is designed to overlay multiple vital data such as AIO or Navarea warnings directly on top of ENCs in order to give a wide range of navigational information to the mariner prior to/during a voyage. In addition, Seall Passage Planner produces a unique colour coded risk assessment  report’

All risks in the report are identified and highlighted in the geographical order that they occur. This means that the mariner can proceed along the planned course line. The colour code gives clearer classification of the various risk types as each colour represents a specific hazard.  This report can be directly printed off as a hard copy and can be used as a part of the Seall passage planner note book.

The following options are available to be listed in the risk report:

         VTS(Vessel Traffic System),
         Nav Warnings,
         Mobile Drilling Rig

Seall Passage Planner produces a colour-coded report